Top 5 Chinese New Year Gifts Ideas

You plan to visit your friends or relatives during this Chinese New Year but not sure what to buy?

Here, we have listed down the best possible gifts you can buy and they are affordable too!

1 – Peach Blossoms

Peach blossom is a great gift, especially if you want to wish the other party good luck in their relationships. Peach in Chinese is known as “tao” and it symbolizes love and relationships. It is much more meaningful this year since the western Valentines Day falls on the first day of Chinese New Year.

2 – Mandarin Oranges

Mandarin oranges or the orange tree that chinese new year singapore fireworks represents gold and money are great as gifts. Mandarin oranges are known as “kam” in Chinese and the pronunciation sounds similar to the word “gold”. Therefore giving mandarin oranges as gifts is as good as giving gold!

3 – Bottle-Gourd

Though it may look and sound weird to give bottle-gourd as a gift, it is not. Bottle-gourd symbolizes the abundance in wealth. In Chinese, it is actually a symbol of longevity; hence, bottle-gourd is painted or paste with auspicious words and is displayed at home or used in prayers. The bottle-gourd gets rid of harmful “chi” and promotes long life.

4 – Pineapple

Pineapple which is known as “ong lai” in Hokkien literally means “prosperity comes”. The fruit resembles the meaning of bringing in good luck and wealth and therefore, are often used in prayers and offering to God during Chinese New Year.

5 – Bamboo Plant

Last but not least, the bamboo plant, also known as the “money plant”. This plant bears leaves that resembles the Chinese gold ingots used centuries ago. The plant is twisted in spirals in order to get rid of bad vibes and bring in good ones. Whilst the bamboo is a strong plant that can endure any hardship throughout the year, the strong character of the bamboo is to encourage people who receive this gift to overcome their difficulties. Giving bamboo plant also means to wish them a good fortune.

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