Smoking is Bad For Your Health – The Truth About the Dangers of Smoking

Is smoking bad for your health, or is it an exaggeration? Discover the truth about how harmful smoking is to your health in this article. It’s almost impossible these days to not know about the risks of smoking. Just watch the TV, go to the doctors surgery, go anywhere and you’ll find posters and adverts telling you about them. But are any of these claims actually worth worrying about? Do you know what they put in cigarettes, its more than just a few things and it would be impossible to list them all here because there are more than 4000 of them.iso 45003

10 percent of them are toxic chemicals which get broken down into toxic fumes when the cigarette gets lit, due the tip of it getting to over 700 degrees Celsius (1292 degrees Fahrenheit). Where do these toxic fumes and chemicals go, either into the surrounding (for others to enjoy) or into your lungs. So what? Does this do any harm? Tar is one of the chemicals present in cigarettes which can get into the lungs and damage the cells. If just one of the cells gets damaged in a particular way, it will not stop growing when its reached its ideal size, this is called cancer. Lung cancer’s the most common for smokers but others can also occur. Will Smokers definitely get lung cancer?

No. Smoking does not guarantee you will get lung cancer just as not smoking doesn’t guarantee that you won’t. It just increases the risk by a factor of nine. One in five heavy smokers will die from lung cancer! Another substance in cigarettes is nicotine. Not only is nicotine addictive but also causes fatty deposits to build up in the arteries causing them to clog up and harden. This is known as Vascular disease which normally comes in one of these three forms. Cardiovascular disease (the heart) – Blood cannot flow into the heart properly and can cause a heart attack. This is the most common cause of smoking deaths!

Cerebrovascular disease (the brain) – Blood cannot flow into the brain, a stroke may result. Peripheral vascular disease – (the legs) – Blood cannot circulate round the legs. In less serious cases causes cramps when exerted and in more serious cases cause gangrene in the toes and feet. These are just a few of the potential physical hazards of smoking. But what no one ever thinks about is how it effects their Psychological health. When the statement “Smoking is bad for your health” comes about, everyone just thinks of the physical effects. No addict can ever be in complete control of their life because they have a dependence on a substance or activity. In this case nicotine. Can you see now that it IS something to worry about “Smoking is bad for your health” is a true statement. Do you Smoke? It may be a good time to give up, for both your physical and psychological health before its too late!

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