Investment Banking Media

Investment Banking Media – Which print publications are fit to print? As a good Gen X/Y aspiring banker you’ll probably feel the investment banking blogs already give enough info on how to break into banking and that there is no real need to go elsewhere.

But in order to get into investment banking you need to develop real world business/finance broadsheet blog knowledge so you can crush interview questions like “What recent deals have interested you?” and speak intelligently to bankers during networking events and summer internships. And without doubt the best way to go about obtaining this knowledge is through selective reading of the mainstream financial media.

So what’s fit to print?

The obvious giants of our media industry are on the investment banking reading list of course. Depending on where you are this could be either the Financial Times or The Wall Street Journal – be sure to check out their own investment banking blogs like Deal Journal etc (just Google the paper’s name + investment banking blog).

But even the less ‘pure finance’ papers have quality within their pages, eg NY Time’s Deal Book.

If you live outside of the EU or US you should combine the FT with your local financial paper. The FT is far more useful in Asia, Australia and Middle East due to it’s comparatively global-bent.

Believe it or not, but we think the magazine world offers far more rewarding content.

Unlike the sometimes shallow reporting of the paper world, magazines are filled with feature articles that deliver more considered, important and interesting information than any broadsheet. It is through magazines that you can acquire the deepest level of knowledge on IB-relevant topics such as the financial crisis, government regulation or say the general state of the M&A market.

With enough magazines & papers read, come interview time you will be able to deal with almost any Market/Industry/Business question that comes your way and you’ll most surely impress interviewers with your insight and firm grasp on current issues. In fact, armed with a stack of business magazines you will earn a degree in Real World Businessin no time thanks to the sheer amount of case studies and lengthy interviews with industry leaders you’ll come across.

Admittedly WSJ et al do feature articles too, but they are just not written to the in-depth standard of the magazines.

Since magazines also summarize the week or month’s happenings they also guarantee that you’re up-to-date and in-the-know on everything. As a college student with limited time, this feature of magazines is potent. No more daily newspapers or 100s of instant always-on Google Alerts needed.

Business Magazines 101 Fortune and BusinessWeek are the two no brainers in this investment banking media category. And once again make sure you jump online and check out their free investment banking blogs too (often billed under the name ‘finance blog’).

Thanks to killer feature articles and enough-but-not-too-much summary sections, these 2 magazines are the one-stop shops. As my Singhalese-speaking friend would say these two are “Die Die Must Try”.

Magazines like The Economist are okay, but I prefer a little less info about rainforests in Brazil and a lot more about the state of the market, deals being done and what Roubini predicts for 2012, when I’m coughing up close to $10 an issue.

From our experience though you can read all the magazines for $0 – so why not have a flick through Forbes, Institutional Investor etc.

ie If your college has magazine subscriptions – increasingly online – you can feast freely. Alternatively, if you have a Borders, Barnes & Nobles, WH Smith or some other large bookstore chain (still in business!!) nearby, go there fortnightly and ravage their collection for free. A quick flick through all of them each week leading up to recruiting season is all you need.


How Parcel Tracking Technology Works and How It Helps

When sending a parcel in the past many people will have had concerns about their order and if they haven’t heard if it had arrived many people will have made panicked phone calls to their delivery agent to enquire as to why their parcel hasn’t been delivered yet. The uncertainty about parcel delivery has long been one of the things that has put people off sending parcels, instead taking them to their destination themselves at great expense.

In recent years though a feature has become ubiquitous with any courier delivery and many higher end deliveries made through the postal service. This feature has been parcel tracking codes track here and these can help you find out where your parcel is at any point during the delivery process and has helped eliminate this uncertainty that has had people worried about where their parcels are.

For business related deliveries this service could be vital to ensure that your customers and business clients are happy with your service and that you show they are a high priority to your business. Tracking codes were initially an internal service but as many people enquire about the progress of their delivery it was determined that opening this system to their customers and being able to check their own deliveries was the best and most transparent way to go forward.

This system is possible by giving each parcel a barcode that is scanned at key points during the delivery process, this information is then updated on to the company’s website. To access this information you need the tracking code that is often a combination of letters and numbers that relates to the barcode. When you enter the code on to the website you get the latest updates and location of your parcel instantly.

This service is not only great to have for the parcel sender but can also be given to the parcel’s recipient for them to be assured their delivery is on its way and that the sender has sent the parcel using a high quality delivery service. This is something that many people with home based businesses and who sell goods on eBay and similar sites will be able to provide to customers to ensure a good buying experience and hopefully future business from customers too.

The Forex Funnel – Best Trading System of ’08!

In 2008, Forex Funnel was voted as “The Best Forex Trading System”. Many traders put their faith into this automated system and were very, very pleased over the results. Even beginners, who have never traded anything in their lives, are finding this system to be very helpful and even simple to use.

Forex trading, of course, is very popular amongst people who wish to earn money online from home. Some rush into it head first and never make a dime. clickfunnels coupon Not only that, but they end up losing a lot of money. Others work hard on strategy after strategy and still can’t come out on top. Some spend a fortune on “expert” advice and programs that don’t even work.

All of these people have one thing in common: they aren’t using Forex Funnel! It’s quite ironic that some are willing to pay professionals for expert advice, yet don’t want to work with a robot. Even the most expert advisors sometimes make mistakes.

The Forex Funnel, however, is programmed to make the least amount of mistakes possible. While it does make a few mistakes here and there, it will place a limit on the amount of losses. This is to ensure that the trader only loses a minimal amount. The profits, however, turn out to be very nice.

It may seem too good to be true, that a robot can succeed where humans sometimes fail. But many are finding that where the Forex Funnel is concerned, there truly are plenty of successes! It works 24/7 and makes automatic transactions at anytime, most of which turn out to be profits!

Find out why so many traders are referring to the Forex Funnel as “The Best System” of ’08! So far, ’09 is looking to be a great year for the Forex Funnel as well. Visit the Forex Funnel review to find out why!

Gifts for Her – Keeping Out of Trouble on the ‘Night Before Christmas’

There is something deeply uncomfortable for a man meeting a male colleague in the women’s lingerie section of a department store. The chances are that he is there Christmas gift shopping as well, but such encounters always lead to a niggling doubt as you meet over the water-cooler in the New Year! Most men, it has to be said, still view shopping as a form of torture and the annual enforced route march around the High Street stores and out of town shopping centres does little to dispel this impression. Our wives and girlfriends may view this as a practice run for the January sales, but we can usually think of better things to be doing on a Saturday afternoon.

The result is of course that we come up against the night before Christmas, gifts for daughter ill-prepared and distinctly anxious. Only then do we realise that we should have paid more attention to the open catalogues that our better halves have left subtly around our homes in the previous couple of months, not to mention the in-explicable pauses, sighs and long stares outside certain shops. Ah, the penny drops, that was what she wanted for Christmas!

The Clickable Solution – Is it all too late? Perhaps not: when it comes to finding the right present for your wife or girlfriend at Christmas there are a number of important things to remember. A present consisting of anything that could be categorised as ‘kitchen equipment’ is most likely to result in the turkey not being alone in being stuffed this Christmas. There are also a number of other women in your life that need to be taken into account. Gifts for girlfriends and wives are one thing, but mother-in-laws demand even greater care and attention (a general rule that should be observed not just at Christmas). Gifts for daughters, nieces, sisters and other female relatives all need careful consideration.

This all sounds time consuming, and the seasoned Christmas shopper will almost certainly agree that it is. Finding the right gifts for her, will not only surprise and delight your wife, but is only fair when you consider the amount of time and effort she is likely to be putting into the holiday preparations. Shopping online for christmas gifts for wife, girlfriend and other relatives, is possibly one of the greatest innovations of the 21st century! There are an increasing number of sites that offer a simple shopping service, specifically designed for men searching for gifts for her.

The advantages to finding a good site with a great range of gifts include the simple facts that it will save you time, money and will earn you some very valuable brownie points indeed. Brownie points can be redeemed as ‘time off for good behaviour’ and often get you out of future shopping trips allowing you to spend more time concentrating on beer and football.